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Homework Help: The 1st and 2nd derivative

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    find the 1st and 2nd derivative of the following equation

    step by step.
    Thanks alot!
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    Any ideas on this one? if this is a function of z, and you're differentiating with respect to z, does the product rule sound familiar?
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    Ok, I get it
    it is -2Z (-2z)e^-(z^2) - [e^-(z^2)*(-2)]
    and then:
    4z^2 * e^-(z^2) + 2e^-(z^2)
    Thanks alot!!!!
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    Yep, that's the way to go.
    But are you sure about that minus sign?
    Can you quote the product rule?
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    Oh, I am so sorry it is
    -2Z (-2z)e^-(z^2)+ [e^-(z^2)*(-2)]
    So, we will have
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    that looks right. Remember, (first) *(derivative of the second) + (second) * (derivative of first). Of course you can change the order, same answer.
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    thanks alot for all!!!!
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