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The 2012 ig-Nobel prize

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    The ceremony was yesterday(?).


    I had a look at the list of winners and noticed that this year most of the research was a bit more serious than usual; albeit dealing with what on paper looks like strange topics.
    Most of the results have been published in good journals, and I think the ponytail-paper (which was published in PRL) even got a mention in Physics.

    Still amusing:approve:
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    The acoustic prize ("SpeechJammer: A System Utilizing Artificial Speech Disturbance with Delayed Auditory Feedback") is just a new application of an old idea. Delayed auditory feedback is used to slow down patients in the stuttering therapy.
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    Literature Prize: The US Government General Accountability Office for issuing a report about reports about reports that recommends the preparation of a report about the report about reports about reports.

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    The work done by the winners of the neuroscience prize is actually quite neat.
    It is obviously done tongue-in-check, but the fact that they use what I understand to be a standard (but sloppy) analysis in fMRI and -based on said analysis- reach the conclusion that there is neural activation in the salmon when it is shown photos makes the point:
    that other techniques need to be used as well to rule out false positives(in this case something called multiple comparison correction).

    I found a blog about it

    and the poster is also available online
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    I was in attendance last night! Was my first Ig Nobel ceremony, and it was GLORIOUS. They had two little girls as Miss Sweety Poo, who would cut the speakers off after one minute, the crowd shouted "woo!" every time the night's theme "The Universe" was mentioned, and the paper airplanes were fun. It was a great time.
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