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The 4 forces

  1. Dec 18, 2012 #1
    Someone on another group, in a question relating to the 4 forces, stated: "the strong nuclear, weak nuclear, and electromagnetic forces are generally considered to be the same thing these days. It's only gravity that we haven't made play nice with others yet."

    I am admittedly a noobee as far as physics is concerned, but I have never heard this before. Is this true? Is there a reference somewhere on the web to this?
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    The Standard Model of particle physics unifies the electromagnetic and the weak interaction to the electroweak interaction. It is expected that the electroweak and the strong interaction can be unified to a grand unified theory (GUT), too. The unification with gravity would be like a theory of everything - a theory of all (known?) interactions and particles.
    This does not mean that the forces are the same. They are different parts with a common origin (the unified force). This is similar to the electromagnetic interaction - electric and magnetic fields are different, but they are both parts of the electromagnetic interaction.
    With those keywords, you should find a lot of material.
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