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Homework Help: The A2 Practical Exam

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    Not really a "help" question, but it is coursework related... now that the Physics A-level coursework and Practical Exam are over (so no chance of being accused of cheating), I'm curious to know: what did everybody think of them?
    All I can say is, there wasn't enough time. The spring question was fine right up until my optical pin broke, so I had to guess some results. The blessing was in the graph, because you knew that X0 had to be 10 cm, so the graph had to pass through (0, ln 10).
    The second question was a bit more off. I got something that was definitely non-proportional, but I haven't really studied laminar flow in any great detail, so I don't know whether I was right.
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    Maybe they are glad it is over and done with, but if you tell us more we can comment on it.
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    I was actually asking for the opinions of people who had done it... but I guess this can be closed now, since no-one seems to have.
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