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Homework Help: The ability to visualize abstract concepts

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    Salutations everyone,

    Thank you everyone in this community for taking the time to read my message. I am a third grade teacher in Moreno Valley, California USA. It is my conjecture as a third grade teacher that the encoding during reading in constructing meaning from words is similar to the visualization of abstract concepts in physics or quantum mechanics.
    Now to the nature of my message and my question: what sparked and subsequently develops the ability to visualize abstract concepts?
    For clarity: What sparked your interest in math and science as a child and subsequently developed into the ability to visualize abstract concepts as an adult?

    Third grade teacher
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    Andrew Mason

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    Listening to and Reading stories. Especially ones that require an imagination to follow.

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    Thanks Andrew Mason for your comment.
    What types of children stories helped you develop abstract visualization? Any genera in particular that helped? If anyone has a story book list in particular please share: specially a mathematical and/or physical science book from your childhood which fostered your abstract visualization. I want to think beyond the classroom textbook. Also, did any one have a different experience in particular that facilitated abstract visualization such as museums, movies, and/or a story that helped?
    Very grateful
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    i think in my 5th grade we took a field trip to some mock space station and i was the navigator. that made things easier to visualize like the roman room concept. i could visualize my place in the room and what happened there
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