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Homework Help: The Acceleration Due To Gravity

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    I have this lab. I have all the data but I need help w/ the analysis. How would I answer number one?
    http://upload.mrtriggahappy.com/files/1/School/Physics/1.jpg [Broken]
    http://upload.mrtriggahappy.com/files/1/School/Physics/2.jpg [Broken]
    http://upload.mrtriggahappy.com/files/1/School/Physics/3.jpg [Broken]
    http://upload.mrtriggahappy.com/files/1/School/Physics/4.jpg [Broken]
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    Well I think you were suppose to calculate the acceleration using the data given. You have the distance traveled and the time so you just plug Y and t in to determine gravity. You already put gravity in the equation when you were suppose to calculate it.
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    By question 1, do you mean determine the acceleration of gravity?

    If one has distance and time, and one uses y = 1/2 a t2, then

    a = 2y/t2
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    I remember doing this lab back in intro to mechanics.... im sure we found a way to screw up gravity.... wait no no... we had exaaaaaaaaaaaactly 9.8....whaever the rest of the numbers are for 5 digits. Of course, then we realized we had accidently thrown in gravity somewhere and the calculation was circular logic.
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