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The Advancement of Civilization, dependent on Nuclear Proliferation? (an essay)

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    Note: I wrote this at like.. 3 AM.. So if it sucks, give me a break :frown:

    The Advancement of Civilization as a Whole, the Needed Majority of World Peace, and Political BS
    An Essay by Matthew S. Coley

    The technology of one nation is not enough for an advancement of the human civilization. Perhaps Japan, the unanimous leader in technology, will gain a Type 1 status before other countries, but for any country in this world to reach the stages of Type 2, and eventually 3, majority [being 85% of the world's technologically advanced countries] world peace is essential.

    I shall start this essay off by explaining exactly what Type 0, 1, 2, and 3 civilizations are: the generalized system of rating a modern race, this case being homosapiens.

    -Type 0 -- Industrialization, Nuclear proliferation, the capabilities to harness simple fossil fuels. [Humanity at this moment in time is an advanced type 0]

    -Type 1 -- Majority world peace established, the capabilities to harness the power of numerous sources of energy other than nuclear fission and fossil fuels. (i.e. Minority Report)

    -Type 2 -- Exploration and possible colonization of Mars, the capabilities to mine the sun of it's vast Plasma energies. (i.e. The Federation)

    -Type 3 -- Complete exploration and possible colonization of this solar system, and neighboring stars.. Has begun mining energies from +3 stars.. Endless supply of power.. (i.e. Star Wars)

    Now that you are aware of what each general 'level' of civilization is, I will begin to probe deeper into the problem of how to advance into each 'era'.

    Advancing humanity as a whole is not a simple matter of one, or even a dozen, countries advancing their technology.. While the technology in most countries is exponential (for America, roughly every 20 years our technology knowledge doubles), we can not continue keeping our information and such so confidential. There are several robotic experiments going on all over the world, each dealing with different aspects of Artificial Intelligence. If these people were to combine their findings, and use all of their manpower and minds to work as one--they could have already had humanoid AI robots that are well beyond what they have now. But the nature of human competition, political influence, and numerous other factors are holding them back. The same goes for technological advances.

    If America can double its technology every twenty years, imagine what America, the UK, Japan, Sweden--all of the technology power houses-- could do in that same twenty years. Of course, with the politics of America at this day and age, I do not see majority world peace happening anytime soon. This is a saddening fact, especially to curious ones such as myself. President Bush has done nothing for world peace. His goals are for "war" on "terrorism". The War on Terrorism is just like the Drug War in America--there will be no end. As long as there are countries with radicals that hate America, which I want to like but I find it hard with the idiocy and lunaticy of the government and the American people, there will always be terrorism. Same with the drug war--as long as there are suppliers and drug addicts, it will be nearly impossible to eradicate it completely. Bush's over-the-roof plans for this country are leading it to an impending doom. The luminous glow of the end of humankind is already appearing over the horizon...that is, if we can not put aside all of these inane differences and work together as one.. Nuclear proliferation will lead to this downfall.

    To avoid a nuclear holocaust, we must strive to connect distant worlds and cultures together. I doubt this will happen, though. As I have stated before, all of the technology super powers must rise up. If humanity is to survive, the greatest minds in the world will have to work in unison. Imagine a bulletin, or a meeting place..a large building.. where anyone could come and input their own ideas and data.. From the doctorates, to the average lay person..to a mere student in middle school.. Every idea could be used to spark another, and from that the knowledge would grow. And it would keep growing on and on until we reach a Type 1. And it would continue to grow vast.. We could achieve Type 3 status within a matter of centuries, instead of milleniums. The possibilites are endless.
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