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The all encompasing interactive forces

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    As usual I'm not sure that this is in the right section.

    Everything that is, is comprised of energy. Everything that does is an interaction between energy. In my observations I have come to see that everything that is, was or will be is merely interactions on some level. From the atomic exchange of electrons all the way up to the highly complex interactions of global politics. The seeming randomness of the electron exchange is as uncomprehensible as "guided" political decisions made everyday. Now I write "guided" with quotations because even though we make the decisions, the decision itself is in fact a randomly generated response to the random experiences of our lives. Now every level of existence between these two extremes is more interactions on different levels. If you choose to look at every single level with this mindset you will find as I have that it works. The only question that I can not understand is. Why does everything react to everything else? I understand what the questions asks but I can not comprehend what the answer could possibly be. When observing a decision made by another I can understand that there is reasoning behind why they made this decision, but I don't necessarily know exactly why they made this decision. For the question "Why does everything react to everything else?" I can not even understand if there is a reasoning behind it. If you have anything to help me to understand better, other than that it is "God", I would really like to hear what you have to say.
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    Darkmatter and neutrinos barely interact with us, apparently. Perhaps there are other substances that simply do not interact with us in any way.
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