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The Amazing Adventures of Antara Aggie Ant (A^5)

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  1. Oct 11, 2005 #1
    I will be composing a short adventure of Antara Aggie Ant and posting a few daily. Enjoy!
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    Antara walked into the hallway quickly, her dark eyes fixed in a steely, absorbing gaze. As her slender figure graced the rough edges of the magnanimous object in front of her, her breath shallowed in anticipation of what was imminent. She felt the energy of the crystal energize her veins, as if her blood had turned to ice, then melted into sweet, warm honey. She closed her eyes and savored the feeling for a moment. Then, with a low, angry, growling rumble, the object began to open, revealing the Grand Crystal inside like an oyster willingly opening to reveal its pearls. The crystal was now glowing, pulsating, as if it were somehow alive...and indeed it was. Tears formed in Antara's eyes as she thought about the soul of the person now trapped within this...so unhuman an object. It was her mother.
    After the Great War had been lost by her side, her mother had been imprisoned inside this crystal by the evil dictator Hitler. Hitler had razed Antara's town to the ground. The only survivors had been she, her mother, and her younger brother. Antara's mother had sworn revenge on Hitler, but was captured, and in the process of being experimented on, her soul was trapped in the Great Crystal. Yes, the Great Crystal. It is a very powerful relic from the time of the Ancients. The knowledge of its use has long been lost, and the Great War was started by Hitler to regain control of the Great Crystal. Hitler's ultimate goal is to unlock the secret to its great powers and rule the world with an unimaginable evil.
    As Antara stood before the crystal, she thought back to the days before the war. She hugged Tram, her younger brother, and they both stood there, tears running down their innocent faces in grief. Antara had received the information about her mother from a spy in Hitler's military machine, and came to know that her mother's soul was trapped in the Great Crystal. "Mother..." she whispered hoarsely. "Antara?!" a ghostly voice suddenly floated into her mind. "Mother?" both sister and brother exclaimed incredulously. "Oh, Antara and Tram, how glad I am to hear from you. I can still speak to your minds from within the Great Crystal," she explained, crying the happy tears only a soul without a body could cry. "But mother how do I get you out from here?" Antara asked excitedly. "I do not know how, dear Antara, but I know it is possible," Mother's voice filled with hope as it continued, "for Hitler talked of the 'extraction'. But the secret to this has been lost to time." She continued to explain, "You must solve the first riddle. Do you remember the rhyme I taught you when you were a little girl? It is the first riddle. You MUST solve it!" "Yes, Mother! I _will_ solve the riddle Mother. We love you Mother," she said softly, the words coming in choking sobs. "I _will_ get you back," Antara said bitterly.

    Stay tuned for the next Adventure!
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    Hi Cefarix, cute story, but the journals have been set up for posting stories, etc...

    I am locking the thread, but leaving it viewable and people can visit your journal for updates.
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