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The Ancient Wisdom Of India.

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    This post is inspired by my physics teahcer who today gave us a lecture on India's bright past. (Not joking, really)

    I have been listening the tales that ancient kings of india, has weapons similar to the nuclear weapons, they had spaceships and all those gadgets which we will be able to see only after 200 years.

    Theres evidence however, that Indians were the first to develop space science, and were the first to venture into the oceans. It were the Indians, who first discovered the America (and not really columbus) (it has been proved by the ancient structures found in america).

    Theres also evidence of superior space science that was prevalent in India centuries back, one scriptures also talks about a mission to moon, in which, its written that all the crew members were stranded in mid space and the mission failed.

    The scriptures also talk about aliens coming down from sky, and the ships which are described there, are shaped as capsules and saucers, and shiny spheres..

    Theres also unchallengeable evidence of open-heart & open-brain surgeries being done to people in the period of Chandragupta Maurya.

    here are some links :

    My question on this is ::
    Can it be true that the science we have today is far inferior to that centuries back?
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    It is just a matter of TIME

    All that has been, is lost i believe so. If it would have been preserved
    We would have been on Top of the World rather than America + on the peaceful side as far as possible

    I foresee India as a Superpower within 3-4 decades But we need to preserve our Culture Veda, Literature , And UNITY.

    We need to extract as much from the Vedas as far as possible

    let me tell u :

    Calculus & other Mathematics were far before developed.
    Even the distance between Earth & Sun was known long before it is derived scientifically

    It is just TIME,
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