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The Andre goes south

  1. Aug 5, 2010 #1
    I have been a bit silent the last few days, the reason for that is implied in the title. Not that far as others go north though, only about 1300km and it's not actually a holiday either which is a bit of a contradiction when one has retreated from active service. Moreover, I'm helping at http://www.au-chateau.com/Montcru.htm [Broken], doing the bar, the cooking and things like that and doing a lot of photography.

    Here are a few.

    Transition from bad to less bad weather in the garden:


    It's possible to get lessons in horseback riding here:


    But sometimes the horses need new horseshoes:


    That happens in this medieval stable (where the horses have satellite TV?)


    We bake the bread ourselfs, today we went for new flour in this mill, powered by a water mill


    A village in the neighborhood, care to find out which?

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    Water mill... When I was a teenager during winter camp somewhere in Poland we found it is possible to enter a (closed then) water mill just by walking the transmission belt :surprised

    I wonder if the mill still exist.
  4. Aug 6, 2010 #3
    Actually with the type of water mills here the water turbine is completely indoors, the building in the center of the last pic is also such a water mill albeit another one.

    Anyway todays focus was on preparation of a change of guests, which happens tomorrow. One of the tasks is to replace the pictures in the gallery in the main hall according to the taste and wishes of the new arriving guests.

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    So, is my picture going up or down?

    Great shots, btw!
  6. Aug 6, 2010 #5
    thanks Evo, It went up today after I framed it. It was a present from a guest last year, who returns tomorrow. So, I told about the legend of the Lady of Shalott :smile: I think it will stay up.
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    Great pics Andre! That's beautiful country.

    Coincidentally, it's the birthday of Alfred, Lord Tennyson (b Aug 6, 1809), the man who wrote The Lady of Shalott, a ballad based on King Arthur legends, which begins:

    "On either side the river lie / Long fields of barley and of rye, / That clothe the wold and meet the sky; / And thro' the field the road runs by / To many-tower'd Camelot;"

    courtesy of The Writer's Almanac.
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    Great pics Andre, you sure enjoy it there. Who’s the little kid? She’s cute. :smile:
  9. Aug 7, 2010 #8
    Thanks, the girl is one of the guests here, who doesn't want to leave today.

    There is little discussion about the most beautiful time of the day. Sunrise, this pic was taken around 7am this morning. I had the chills, but it was still fresh of course. :uhh:

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    Looks like a beautiful sanctuary. Very nice!
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    If we (Boreks) ever decide to go to the southern end of Europe, Montcru will be on our way :smile:

    Actually, going to the southern end of Europe means also going to the western end (or at least it doesn't make sense to make separate trips).
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    Awesome! Sunrise is definitely the best time of the day, it's the beginning of a new day.
  13. Aug 7, 2010 #12
    Absolutely, It's a place that defeats the principle of time dilation, :biggrin: there is no movement required at all to have a sensation of the time standing still.

    However as the guests change today, there is a lot of work. Ah well, tomorrow again.

    I'm sure you are welcome, my brother in law is doing business in Poland and hits a language barrier every now and then. He could use some advice then.

    You bet :smile: but it takes a while before these little fellows below become active and of course I brought my macro lens:


    It's the Hummingbird hawk moth

    edit, maybe this shot is better:

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    What beautiful Maxfield Parrish lighting!! All you need is a couple of beautiful young ladies lounging in simple white dresses.
  15. Aug 8, 2010 #14
    Good idea, Working on that, maybe next week. We need more rain though to get that morning fog back.

    Meanwhile I thought to shoot another hummingbirg hawk moth to improve the results but it turned out to be quite something different:


    It could be a Bee hawk moth or maybe not. Anybody a good tally on the species?
  16. Aug 8, 2010 #15


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    I am afraid all I have is about moths/butterflies present in Poland, using these books for southern France can be misleading.
  17. Aug 10, 2010 #16
    Thanks, anyway this guy is more familiar, a clear resident of the pond.


    Normally little Charles follows him carefully when in flight:


    We monitor the light changing in the evening as the sun sets.


    the last rays captured by an approaching(?) storm:

  18. Aug 10, 2010 #17
    Purrrrfect pictures :)
  19. Aug 10, 2010 #18


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    ...... Gizmo wasn't there when you took that pic, right?


    Though I don't like sunset, but this one is as good as the sunrise pic... This place is definitely a heavenly sanctuary.
  20. Aug 11, 2010 #19
    No, Gizmo doesn't like to travel, so he stayed home, in the north. :smile:
  21. Aug 11, 2010 #20


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    Gorgeous pictures, as always! I love blue eyed cats.
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