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The Anthropocene Epoch

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Their is no doubt that Anthropocene Epoch, is a fitting term for the time we now live in. Every square inch of the earth has been touched by humans.
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    Thanks this is very interesting!
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    A few random comments, not meaning to be snide, but just curious:

    10,000 years, in geologic terms, is a mere blink of an eye. Does that short an interval really qualify as a complete geologic epoch?

    I agree that every square inch of habitable earth has been touched by mankind, but I think the ocean floor and the interior of the planet remain mostly untouched thus far.....so as a percentage of the surface area and volume of the planet, we haven't done that much (yet)

    The concept of an Anthropocene Epoch leads to the question of how long mankind's imprint on planetary geology will be detectable after humans are gone. I think that the earth's biologic trajectory will probably be forever altered in some manner, but geologically, all trace of human activity will be erased after a brief time by the natural planetary cycles. erosion, and so on. Even the styrofoam cups and plastic shopping bags!
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