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The Apocalypse Weapon

  1. Dec 29, 2003 #1
    A couple of month ago i thought that the hydrogen bomb was the worst weapon humanity would ever create, not counting the crazy scientist who tries to find a piece of anti-matter.

    But if gravity change slightly with the n-value (If gravity is a relativistic effect), What would then happen if you bombed uranus,
    a very cold, potentially reactive planet, when the planets are in constellation?

    I have heard that the apocalypse was related to the constellation of the planets.

    Is it possible...

    I'm afraid that's it.

    This might be the feared apocalypse weapon. And any attempt of bombing Uranus must be stopped.

    Best Wishes Erik-Olof Wallman

    PS: It's possible that an attempt of bombing another planet or moon also should be stopped. In any case.
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