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News The Arab Coalition

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    Just because our military is made up of people that are not soley from New York, where 911 occured(which no one has proven who did it, not even Bin Laden), doesn't mean everyone else who is in the military is a terrorist. This is not natural fundamental the Bush regime likes to observe for those Arabs who have went to Iraq to defend Arabs in general being murdered by the Bush regime. Since they ignore this superior fact, they are ignorant in a superior way on this issue.

    All the Arabs states are like our many states and band together for a common goal in this terrible situation created by bush regime. Brave Arabs have volunteered, whereas American soldiers only joined because of the finantical safety they get from military pay and now are being called up.

    Those in Iraq, a small percentage who are not Iraqi's who fight against the terrorist regime Bush are honorable defenders of Arabs in general and are no different from people from any society who band together from neighboring states to help defend against a murdering, theiving occupier.
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    I'm sorry...but which Arab "state" has sent it's armed forces to Iraq?
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    Lucky they didn't. The mighty US army has problems enough with boys on running shoes and with old fashioned rifles.
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    ..and explosives they walked off with while the US Army was guarding it.
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    You are a person with a skewed bias view of reality.
    I wish I could say you were just a troll, but the sad fact is that you probably believe this.

    Yep, they cared when Saddam was in power too, right?
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    Yes, that is right, we are just losing everything:
    I am so sick of people who know nothing of the military or our political landscape making these ridiculous assertions. The military won the Iraq war in no time. They could have implemented martial law and locked the place down. Instead we half assed it for political correctness. In my opinion a bad move, but your statement that implies the 'mighty' (**** your sarcasm) US army (it's actually military, not army that is in Iraq) can't handle the insurgents ("boys on running shoes and with old fashioned rifles", nice job minimalizing this) is completely lacking any understanding of the situation.

    Watch Falluja. It's the first assault we've had publicized since the amazingly quick defeat of the Iraqi guard, and the supposed elite Iraqi guard (remember, the ones that were supposed to be battle hardened and kill so many of our guys).
    So far, Falluja is under US control except one strip, in 5 days, and 18 lost. That's a city large enough to hold a population of 300,000 taken over with 18 lost!
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    Er...Bin Laden made many, many threats against New York and Washington D.C, not to mention his bombing in 1993 at the World Trade Center...are you seriously not convinced he did it? And if I am not mistaken I believe he admitted to doing it in a few of his infamous videos.
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    He's admitted it over and over.
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    I thought so, but then what is Omin talking about saying it has not been proven. A confession should be more than enough evidence.
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    "Admitted" is the wrong word: he bragged and continues to brag. For someone to assert that he didn't do it means no reasonable conversation can be had here.
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    There's tons more of evidence than just that : Most of the hijackers were terrorists known to belong to Al Qaeda. Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, arrested in Pakistan last year, was involved in the planning of 9/11 and has revealed much about the operation. And more recently, the capture of the Al Qaeda operations chief, Abu Zubaydah (and his computer files) have revealed several planning and operational details of 9/11.

    Have you been hibernating, omin ?
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    Oh, your linguistic accuracy will surely impress Iraqis after the "liberation". Finaly they will know the difference between an army and the military. Which one kills more innocent people according to you?
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    Why don't you get him then, instead of attacking a country that had nothing to do with him?
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    If I'm not mistaken, Omin if FROM Iraq (or Jordan?). His point of view is just a little bit different than most of ours.

    I don't know about any of the rest of you, but I'm very interested in his view point. If you ask any two Americans about what is going on in America, chances are you will get two completely opposing points of view. This does not mean one is right and one is wrong. They are just different points of view. Why does Omin have to be any different than us just because he's an Arab? We just might learn something from him.

    Why doesn't Bush go after Bin Laden? Well, sheesh. HE doesn't have any oil, now, does he? :biggrin:

    edit: well, actually I guess his FAMILY might have some oil but Shrub Sr. is already talking to Bin Laden's brother about THAT... :rolleyes:
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    Is that right Omin? I also would be very interested in hearing your point of view.
    But it has been proven, and admitted by several people that Osama is responsible, there were televised trials where some of the terrorists involved would go on about it. They didn't care about the sentence they were 'bragging' as Russ said (although it sounded more like preaching to me though).

    On another note:
    WE KNOW SADDAM IS OUT OF POWER!! and yes thank you for that, we realise it, we don't need to be reminded, we still think it wasnt right to go into Iraq.
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    Arab unity and resistance

    During Palestine war (1948) thousands of Arab fighters from Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon joined the Palestinian resistance against the Zionist-English occupation armies. The Iraqi fighters succeeded to save several Palestinian cities from ‘’ethic cleansing ‘’ and for this reason many Palestinian admire the Iraqi people and wish to join the liberation of their country.

    From historical point, if one of ME countries under attack, all the other nations give urgent support to stop the attack.

    For example, the leaders of the Palestinians revolution against British occupation in 1936 were from Syria (Al Qassam) and from Iraq (Qaweqji). Thos leaders became heroes in the eyes of the Palestinian generations.

    If we return back to check other historical wars, during Crusaders war, A Kurdish leader (Salleddin) from Iraq who united Egypt and Syria then liberated Jerusalem from the Crusaders in 1187.

    Currently, every Palestinian town has many graves of Arab fighters who did well to stop the Zionist project in Palestine. People believe that those fighters who left their countries and families to fight with Palestinian deserve all honor and respect.

    In fact more than 90% of Arab still believe in Arab unity.


    OBL and terrorism

    OBL is leader of small extremist unpopular group. In fact most of people of ME only hear about this man after 11/9 by American media! May be NeoNazi in Germany and KKK is more popular than Alqaeda in ME.

    Historically, USA supported ALqaeda in 80s to fight the communism in Afghanistan (as they did with Saddam against Iran). OBL never and will never win any election in any country I Islamic world, so nobody can claim that he representing Arab or Muslims. Unfortunately, people are tired from the dirty politics of USA in ME; supporting the crimes of Israel and creating corrupted puppet dictators regimes.

    If there are real democracy in ME, people will NEVER vote for pro USA government, therefore nobody believe that American want to create real democracy I the region, which will be against their strategic interest.
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    We Chinese are of course a pragmatic people, we don't raise our head until we are sure about our chips, and that is why we have been taking this American crap all these years (yeah, their "humanistic" interest in our human right blah blah). But it doesn't mean we don't know what is going on or that we are not seething with rage. For the time being we will let them run themselves to the ground.
  19. Nov 12, 2004 #18
    I wish we could do as chinese doing. ANyway, it is our bad luck to have such people, who gave some reasons to AMerican to detroy our nations.

    Good luck for china, prepare for the next global war , after the end of the current American Crusade against Arab and Muslims. We hope you will learn a lot in the meantime.

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  20. Nov 13, 2004 #19
    Thank you Bilal, our leader knows, and he is the second good leader we have had in the past 300 years. The first one is Deng Xiao Ping in the 70's to 80's. We all have our share of bad luck.
  21. Nov 13, 2004 #20
    I don't really understand the last 3 posts but Bilal your opinion is very interesting, do you think the majority of palestinians share your views?
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