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The Association of Numbers

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    Say you have two sets of numbers, any numbers between 0> 10 IE;
    0.818269321 and-

    What are the relationships between these numbers? I need to know everything possible about theses two sets of numbers!

    I know I have to explain the numbers in context as to what I want to discover about them, but lets say that I want to find any association between them, how would mathematics resolve this?

    Simply I can say that the second number has a 10, and is therefore different, but lets say that both numbers form an evolution within number theory , and share a common factor somewhere between the first set of numbers, and the second set of numbers, how would one go about finding the 'hidden variable' or common factor?

    I know this question may be illogical, thats why I am asking it, does mathematics resolve any kind of numbers?..regardless of their context?

    If this question seems stupid, its because I have been trying to find a solution to a problem, that goes back to antiquity, so if anyone recognizes the above numbers as any sort of constant?..or significant relationship within any mathematical realm, lets us know.
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    You should try to specify the problem a little better...
    1. Are you talking about two sets of numbers, or just two numbers?
    2. Should they be between 0 and 10?
    3. Should they have to do with the number e (the base of natural logarithms)?
    4. What kind of relationships are allowed?

    The way you put it, the problem is similar to "please tell me all possible similarities between two rocks".
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