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The Astrophysician Career

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    The Astrophysicist Career

    Hi! Let me present myself as a new member of this great forum. I'm a second year undergraduate Physics Student in the Complutense University in Madrid. Obviously, as to many others, I had some difficulties to pass all my exams successfully. Although I love (deep in my heart) what I'm studying, I'm not quite a brilliant student, in fact, my average grade is almost 7 out of 10. Without diving into more details, I would greatly appreciate if someone around here could light me the way and explain me all I need to know to be a successful Phd Astrophysicist.

    I know that I need some Java and programming skills among others... I'm completely lost, and I don't know quite well where should I travel abroad (as Spain doesn't invest much in Astronomical Research), what summer courses should I take, what books do you recommend me, all in all, I need some guidance...

    Keep in mind that I'm going to start now the second year and that physics here lasts 4 years + 2 years of Master specialization.

    It's a question that needs some time to answer but I would greatly appreciate your patience, and a useful answer.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You aren't talking about a space doctor, are you?
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    What else could he be speaking of? Space Doctors are at the forefront of helping space creatures and people in space. DUR! Though I'd rather be a AstroPhysicist. Space Doctors are bad *** too and in general actually trump astro physicists. They have to have a phd in biology,chemistry, and physics. The qualifications are quite high but in the end, it's worth it for some people
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    What about an astropsychiatrist? I hear space is lonely.
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    That's funny, but this forum is for serious answers, not for condescending people because they are foreign and don't know the correct spelling or denomination. He means an astrophysicist, the study of the cosmological Universe by applying principles of Physics.
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    Yes but.. its a space pig who wants to be a space doctor
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    Re: The Astrophysicist Career

    Hmmm, I've expected serious answers :grumpy: ... Anyway, I assume my weird vocabulary mistake. Haha, a space doctor, sounds strange...

    C'mon, let's be serious, I want to be an AstroPHYSICIST, ok?
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    We all know what you meant, people just feel more comfortable once they liberate themselves from the urge to make fun, by making fun.
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    Re: The Astrophysicist Career

    You should go speak with your academic adviser, or better yet an actual astrophysicist at your university about research and a career in astrophysics. I am sure there are astrophysicist on this board that can give you great answers, but sitting down and talking to someone at your university will probably be able to give you the best advice.

    I also am an undergraduate physics student, and have spoken to 2 astrophysicist at my university about careers. Both of them are highly experienced in the field and both recommended undergraduate research and summer internships. Those two things may be the most important for your resume, but also computational skills are essential. I have heard from physicists, biologists, chemists, engineers, everyone that taking as many computational courses as possible because it is absolutely necessary in today's research.
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    Re: The Astrophysicist Career

    Haha, it's true, but it doesn't really bother me, someone has to make fun of a rookie such as me lol

    I've already spoken to an experienced Astrophysicist before I started college, but he just gave me a general view of what's all about. I'll try to ask someone else again this Fall. My point was to get some advise from abroad, someone from the US or anywhere else in the world. Thanks nlsherrill for your answer ;)
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