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The Attic Orators

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    Well, I'm embarking on my introductory, independent journey through the world of classical Western philosophy. I've decided to start with the pre-Socratic philosophies, then go to Socrates/Plato, then to Aristotle. My next step could possibly be studying the rhetoric of the Attic Orators.

    However, I'm not entirely sure of their philosophical bearing. Would it be wise to study them just for the rhetoric they mastered and the insight they offer to the history of Greece? Or to skip them in favor of a more abstract set of Greek thinkers?

    Any opinions would be much appreciated.
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    my suggestion is to start with the following and see where it takes you:

    plato, aristotle, socrates, sophocles, the book 'gilgamesh' as it is one of the earliest (if not THE) written by ancient sumarians - the earliest known culture with written language, then move to the classic philosophy masters - Lao Tzu, St. Thomas Aquines, Confucius, Bhudda (lol I can never spell his name write - Sidharta something).....just take this list and go from there...good luck.

    I would suggest a library card, ipod and subscription to audible.com - i currently have at any given time 20 audiobooks on my ipod. i always read the book but nice to listen to it again while relaxing when you liked it the first time.
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