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The Aurora of 1192

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    Since the publication of Ladourie's Histoire de climat depuis
    l'an mil in 1967, historians have generally accepted that the
    European climate deteriorated after about the year 1000. They
    have seen this deterioration as a cause of the Great Famine of
    1315-1317, a factor the Black Death of 1347, and contributing to
    the depression of the fifteenth century. There has been little
    demand for a more precise chronology, and even less for a cause.
    Since it was noted that there were few sun spots during the
    period, and since someone coined the term, "The Era of the Quiet
    Sun," historians have been more or less content to accept a lack
    of solar storms somehow caused the deterioration of the medieval
    European climate.

    Is this an accurate work ?
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    Not really but the "best-before.." date of articles like this is only to the refuting discovery. However, in the abstact we see already a problem:

    The reason why nobody noticed sunspots was because they were not really discovered/registered, apart from some haphazard observations:


    The known period, practivally without sunspots, is know as the maunder minimum (1645 and 1715) with clear climatal clues:


    The latest paper with a reconstruction of sunspot counts and climatal response is here:

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    Thanks Andre, you realy are a mine of information, Ken Dodd would be proud :biggrin:
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    Kenn Dodd? :surprised Am I that ..em..tattifilarious? :tongue:
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    I am sure he would have welcomed you to his jam buttie mines in knotty Ash
    any time. :biggrin:
    The study of history and climate change seem to go hand in hand, the more one
    reads the more it seems a natural variation, i wonder how many think that our
    sun is not thermostaticaly controled ?
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