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The Bad News Brewers

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    It's kind of embarrassing for Wisconsin this year... our baseball team sucks. Why can't the Brewers get a decent pitcher? Why did they get rid of Leskanic? Why did they achieve a record number of strike-outs this season? Why are we Wisconsin tax-payers still paying for a goddamn, brand-spanking-new stadium when our team is the laughing stalk of the Central Division of the National League?

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    Dont know jack **** about baseball apart from the hitting the ball part of it, but alomost all teams have a dodgy season every now and then, the soccer team that i support went through many years of low finishes in the top division only narrowly missing out on relegation a couple of times, but last season the reached the FA cup final and finished eigth in the league, which in the premiership is quite good, cheer up they will start winning next season.

    Christ that was a pointlessly long post.
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    they've been in a huge slump since they got to the world series (1983 was it?)

    and thank you tommy thompson, for making us pay for your stadium, which was supposed to get them to actually win a game.

    the brewers are a joke.

    and bud selig is also an embarrassment to milwaukee and all of wisconsin.
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