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The basis for relevence, ethics, and morality.

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    Two topics to keep you awake at night.....

    Q1. From what source or basis should one begin to define their morality? is morality a relevant term? Given the presupposition that there is no God is anything relevent and is it possible to truely help or hurt anyone?

    Q2.If their is a God how can we know we are doing his will? Should we necessarily try to do his will (that is, can we know for sure that the creators will is necessarily the absolute peak of morality)?

    For the first topic I honestly cannot find anyway of deeming anything relevent about our lives without God or some form of individual continuation/eternity. I would like to hear comments on this first part. If anyone is of a secularist mindframe but feels they can justify aspects of our life as being relevent.

    As for the second..... My S/N says much on what I think of this topic. The Bible is the human handbook for God's will. Knowing that God's will is the highest good is an issue of faith, (however, if it is true that God's will is the highest good and that the Bible is God's will, that must mean that all aspects of the bible can be justified/found to be superior). What is your source of moral authority?
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    Welcome to PF. Honestly, judging by your username and your last couple of posts, I doubt PF is going to be a good fit for the kind of discussion you'd like to have.

    PF's posting guidelines prohibit this kind of religious discussion.


    Thread locked.

    - Warren
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