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The bathe in a good health space time

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    To travel in time. It is a great dream . Sorry as my knowledge is poor in this side, to live in younger time or to younger some years by to travel in time. but, in the way to keep good health and to long life time. I know some. Here it is my draft design about the bathe in a good health space time for this ideal.
    The good health space time support with a frame, it is a regular polyhedron, on its center and apexes, to set some electric magnetic wave launched equipment, except one free apex. These wave from same resource and resonant cavity. The free apex is used to produce a space time tide by its deviation. the wave length take a model sea tide length, the wave strength is about 20%-40% with similar physical therapy, the treatment safety should be verify.
    This space time should be large enough, in it, the recuperated person is treatmented with some warm light physical therapy in some cave position and massaged by some one. The warm light strength should be less than 80% with common and its safety should be verity. If there are refershed sea wind followed, it is a good health space time.
    Next step, it is important also, to have a bathe. It should be designed by bathe design master to health water in a treatmented person body, the water in body should be separate and structure to good health.
    To health the water in treatmented person body is the purpose of the bathe in a good health space time. Naturely, the bathe time should be comfortable and no long very.

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    e-m particle is the first action particle for time travel

    Mass, it is not ease to travel in s-t unit, the first particle to travel in time is from e-m particle. but it is errors very right , Why the way is ease to lose? only a reasonable errors so hard to clear.
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    Did you listen the outspace livings to song so?

    Did you listen the outspace livings to say so ... .
    What secret the lengthways e-m waves!
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