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The Beckhams

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    ...for all you Californians out there:

    You know she ain't really posh, dontcha?

    :tongue: :wink:
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    I don't understand why Beckham would even come to America to play soccer. I guess its more of a strategic reason i.e. a pathetic attempt to bring the MLS on par with other (worthy) national leagues.

    But at least the Spice Girls are getting back together!
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    D H

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    While the MLS may not be yet on par with premier European leagues, but are certainly on par with other premier North American leagues. Both of the MLS teams in the 2007 CONCACAF Champions Cup made it the the semifinals. The MLS teams in the ongoing SuperLiga tournament are currently playing better their Mexican Premier League opponents.

    The only two teams (Galaxy with Beckham, Fire with Blanco) that decided to take advantage of the new designated player rule are two teams of the MLS four teams most desperately in need of help.
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    Per qualche dollaro in più... or, for a few dollars more.
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    are you kidding? they paid him like 200 mil
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    too bad he's damaged goods
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    And here I was thinking that it was in the interest of MLS.

    Has he played any games yet? Sorry, I don't follow MLS.
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    Think he's only played in the Chel$ki friendly -- for the last 13 mins. New boy Sidwell gave him a bit of a crunching tackle.

    How's posh's talk show, anyone seen it?
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