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The best digital camera

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    hello everyone ...
    i just need a guidance to the best digital camera for normal uses ( not profssional) .. is it sony ?
    plz specify the model also
    my budget is around 450
    any help will gr8ly b appreciated
    cheers :smile:
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    $450 will get you a good digital. I do not think "best" is a valid concept when it comes to this type of technology. What is your experience level? To a beginner "best" is much different then "best" for an experienced amateur photographer. I have found a dramatic improvement in photo quality with a 5MP camera over my older 3MP. With $450 to spend, do not look at anything below 5MP, also I value optics, you should be able to get something with sizable glass optics. Remember it is the optics that deliver the light to the CCD, without good Optics the best you can do is marginal.

    I am not convinced that brand makes a lot of difference. Look for the camera that YOU like the feel of, that has controls that YOU understand and can use. It is pointless to spend money on features that you have no use for.

    I have gotten good use of my HP945, but some of its features require a bit o knowledge to fully utilize. This camera falls well inside your price range but may be more complex then you need, or want.

    Tell us more about your experience level and your needs, we can provide better info.
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    Depends on what you want to do. Check out the amazon reviews for each of the nice cameras from each company.
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    totally aggree... You need to make sure you get a good lense, and dont be attracted to a large MegaPixels camera, with a rubbish lense.. The more Mega pixels you get really mean that you can blow your pictures up much larger without loosing quality.

    DIgital cameras are getting better, but they still cant (IMO) beat a good still camera..
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    i would pick camera makers over el-trick corps like sony
    nikon would be my pick even in a cheaper model
    in fact the wife just got a nikon 8meg and loves it
    but unless you plan realy BIG blow ups
    4 megs should be fine for most shots
    just get a model with a bigger non-plastic lens
    and zoom is better

    BTW shop on line for better deals
    but DO NOT go for the package deals
    as most cheaper sites jack up the price on the cards batterys ect
    we saved over 200 of list at local stores by shoping on line
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    no name, DPreview is a helpful and popular site if you need help on deciding on a camera.

    Brand does make a difference in photography. For instance, good, reliable companies like Canon and Nikon have been using the same lens mount technology for decades. When you buy a Canon lens you know that you'll be able to use that lens for years, no matter what kind of Canon camera body you purchase in the future.

    You want to buy from a reliable manufacturer, it's just a smart thing to do.

    Megapixels do matter. The more MPs, the more resolution a camera has, thus more potential to capture more detail.

    In the film days, if you needed a high-resolution photo for a catalog/magazine, you would have to use large format film, and choose a lens based on situation.

    In the digital age, high-resolution photos means lots of megapixels. Why else do you think that the Canon 1Ds Mark II has a 16.7MP sensor?
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