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The best (in your opinion) books for various math.

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    I am looking for good books regarding

    Linear Algebra, ODEs, calculus with one variable, many variable and vector calculus, PDEs, and finally, Tensor Analysis. I am looking for books suitable for self-studying.
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    Personal preference is a big factor as well as level of rigor, topics covered ect. Also many good books are out of print.
    As far as calculus books most of the modern ones are either bad or rather bland. For linear algebra I like linear algebra done right by Sheldon Axler, but a more concrete book might be helpful for some. For ode's Rainville is great. Vectors, tensors, and basic equations of fluid mechanics is a nice book by Rutherford Aris. It covers tensors, but it starts by covering vector calculus which it does not assume.Generalized Vector and dyadic analysis by Chen-to Tai is a nice book, but it is way over priced. For PDEs there are 4 approches Numerical Techniques, Separation of Variables, Transform Methods and Asymptotic Analysis. Different books focus on different things. Transform Methods for Solving Partial Differential Equations by Dean Duffy is a good book that is almost entirely about transform methods. Duffy also has written a book on PDEs in general and one on applied math that covers PDEs, but I have not read those. These are just books that come to mind I have not performed a comparative analysis. There are no doubt other good choices.
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