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The best reference book

  1. Jul 1, 2015 #1
    Hello. Can i know which reference book is the best for physics? I am a foundation in science student
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    What year are you in school? Are you in university now? What kind of areas of Physics are you studying now? :smile:
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    I am in a university now, but as a student of foundation in science and technology. Which have the same level as matriculation. For foundation we doesn't have any focused area in physics. We are learning general/basic(?) Physics
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    Dear Natasha,

    I think you might have to narrow your question down a bit. By "reference", one could understand something like "general", or perhaps something along the lines of a handbook of physical constants and/or formulas. "Foundation in Science and Technology" sounds unfamiliar to me, and in my head it could even mean something along the lines of Philosophy of Science or Phylosophy of Physics.

    If I were to take the simplest understanding that I can think of for your query, I would suggest either (or all) of the following:

    Understanding Physics, by Isaac Asimov (There's another book with this title mentioned often here in PF, but I can't remember the author(s)).
    The Ascent of Science, by Brian Silver (general history of science, but very good on the physics parts)

    also, in a slightly different category (these are basically "Intro to physics" books, with math and problems):

    Physics, by Resnick, Halliday & Krane
    Physics for Scientists and Engineers, by Serway et. al
    Physics, by Giancoli

    ...plus many more. There are many, many books considered "reference", depending on what you mean, which you can find discussed in the Science and Math Textbooks section of this forum, if these are not quite what you're looking for.
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