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The Betty Cash UFO Story

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    Ivan Seeking

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    One of more famous UFO cases, I have never done a fact check on this one so I don't know how credible the claims may be. But, it was in the news...

    http://www.mcdowellnews.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=MMN%2FMGArticle%2FMMN_BasicArticle&c=MGArticle&cid=1173353851239&path=!news!localnews [Broken]
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    This has been thouroughly researched by Stanton Friedman, and he came to the conclusion that it is a geniune case. If i remember correctly, he accompanied Betty to hypnotherapy sessions, where under hypnoisis she was taken back to the experience and she gave a much more vivid account of what happened. Of course, anything obtained via hypnosis should be taken with a pinch of salt, but Stanton said there were far too many coincidences that turned out to be true in her story. Everyone who saw them said her family were not the sort of people that would be making it up.

    I think that Stanton was impressed with the accuracy of a diagram she drew (under hypnosis) of a local star system near the pleiades, which she claimed she saw in a diagram on the ship. He thought this was starnge as she was not remotely interested in astronomy or space, so would not have known anything about the shape of certain star systems. There's probably better evidence than that, i'll try to find some of Stantons research when i have the time.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I think that you are mixing this up with the Betty and Barney Hill abduction story claim.
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    yes i am. whoops.

    This betty Cash story looks more likely than Betty Hill's account, as there is actual evidence as opposed to just a story. Plus an investigation was carried out by MUFON official John Schuessler who concluded it was a genuine case.

    Reading some of the skeptics reports online, they are not convinced, but then again they never are. From what i have read from a brief search there is no point that debunks it fully, they're mainly just nit picking small issues. One of the main critisisms is that we don't know Cash's state of health prior to the incident, so she could have always been like that. I find that quite unlikely, the effects of radiation poisoning are quite unique.

    This is a pretty good summary of the full story http://www.rense.com/ufo2/cash.htm

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