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The Bible says that a NEW HEAVEN and a NEW EARTH will be created-I say it will be in

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    After the second coming and the 1000 year period, and upon the final destruction of the Devil, the Bible states a New Heaven and a New Earth will be made. I now feel that this will take place in a different location in the Universe upon a Planet already existing and waiting for Life. If you look at it in the present context that people currently believe then an ENTIRELY new UNIVERSE would have to be created (after this UNIVERSE is completely destroyed). I do not believe this will be the case. I think the Biblical statement "If you "create" a new EARTH", does not necessarily mean destroying completely the present Earth and making a new one in its' current location. Rather, I believe that all those "left alive" will one day be transported "in the New Jersulaem" from Earth to the NEW Earth which is far, far away and will be in an area of the "New Universe" (new location) that, when one gazes upon the Stars from their new Earth, the "Heavens" will display a completely new view, thus a NEW HEAVEN and a NEW Earth. The Bible describes the "New Jerusalem as a cube shaped 1500 Kilomter sized object placed upon the Earth. More than adequate to take away all those worthy to their new home. Then, this present Earth will be completely destroyed, perhaps as the "Planet" that used to exist between Mars and Jupiter but is now an "asteroid" belt. I also feel that these events have occured in past history to other civilizations. Maybe Mars was once filled with life and they were all taken away (perhaps to Earth) for a new life. Hmmmm.
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