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The Bible

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    I would like to read the bible. What is the popular version that is usually read? I have heard of the King James Bible a few times, so I am thinking that this is the main one? Also, do churces, or other groups, give out free bibles, because not having to buy one would be cool :smile:

    And there are books right, like old testament new testament. Would the King James Bible include both? Also, what is the Bible that Christians go by (they go by the one with the old and new testaments right?): The majority of them that is, in the United States. Thanks.
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    I've deleted the (maybe) offending message... o:)

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    Try - http://www.biblegateway.com/

    They have many versions on-line. King James or Revised Standard Version (RSV) used by several mainstream Protestant denominations, and I would recommend either. The newer versions (New International . . .) make additional changes in the English language.

    Then there is the Catholic Apocrypha (http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/01601a.htm) with additional books.

    For the old testament, I also recommend the Stone Tanach. It is interesting to compare English translations across several versions. For the old testament, the English in the Stone Tanach is more reliable, and there is Hebrew text as well.

    No endorsement is expressed or implied.
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    Do i have permission to conduct an anthropological experiment with this?

    I would like to send this in as a "Letter to the Editor" of a Mobile, Alabama newspaper, and watch the ensuing culture shock, and possible collapse of society in the area.

    Can i please???? o:)
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    Aww, what was it?

    Thanks Astronuc, I will check out those sites in a few seconds :smile:

    Sure, go for it.
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    You wanna read Bib lie ?
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    Which version of the Bible did you read?

    Do not worry, the last thing I will do is convert to Christianity. Also, in case you are wondering, I will be reading it with the idea that it is a fiction work. This is why I am leaning towards the King James version. From what I have heard, it was/is nicely written.
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    Now you talking !

    As to me reading new or old testament, i have tried but could not stomach all the violence,murders etc in old testament and to a lesser extent in new.
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    Jeebus Christo!! My bibel expluded!!!
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    In high school they decreed in English class that you can't understand Western literature unless you've read the Bible so hence we read all the important parts of the Old and New Testament (we were a secular private school and could hence get away with such things). For the very same reason I'd highly recommend reading it to anyone.
    The "standard" Bible most people think of first whenever they think of the Bible is the King James Version, which was the first Bible translated into English. Sometimes the wording's a bit confusing but overall I think it's phrased better.
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    I agree, mostly. You can get away having not read it if you're well enough read in other literature that biblical references just become easy to spot. But its true, classical and modern literature are full of biblical references. My high school, california public high school, offered 3 senior year english classes, british lit, science fiction lit, and bible lit, but few college bound people took those anyway, we all took AP and IB english classes.
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    Yes, that is one of the main reasons why I want to read it. Thanks, I will definately go pick up a King James Bible one of these days.
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    Speaking of the KJV, I'm sure some of you (actually, anyone but matt) may know of this little curiosity. There is this rumor that the KJV may have in part (at least) been written by a famous dude who was 46 years old when he was writing it. To find out who the dude is go to Psalms 46, and extract the 46th words from the beginning and end of the chapter.

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    Hardy har har.

    And to think i actually sat here and counted 46 words from both ends.
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    Hmm, I counted 46 words back and forward. Got Shake and Spear. Then sadly I did not get it, rofl, so I looked it up on google and found on wikipedia that there is a rumor that Shakespeare translated part of it. :eek:
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    Doc Al

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    The King James version is written in more poetic language, but is not regarded as being an accurate interpretation.

    I recommend either the Revised Standard Version or The New Revised Standard Version.

    In any case, get a study version which will include maps, footnotes to clarify meaning of the passages and add historical background.

    Happy reading.
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    Hey, matt, if you're still looking...I, personally, prefer the "New World Translation". Aside from the fact that it's published by JWs (and is thus *free*), it is in very clear, modern vernacular (as opposed to KJV), and it has references all throughout, that connect related scriptures (the principle being that the whole Bible should be taken as, not many separate works, but one cohesive whole; and that different parts of the Bible supplement one another). It's also got some interesting appendices.
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    i would advise against reading these new versions. If you're reading for the purpose of understanding literary references to the bible, these new versions will be much less useful. The skeptic's annotated, while entertaining for atheists, will be close to worthless.
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    Yes, I have decided to read the KJV. After I read it I might read the other versions. Thanks to everyone and their input.
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