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The Big Bang theory

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    I just read an article saying that scientists disproved The Big Bang Theory. Is this true? and please run me through the whole "big bang theory" in brief as i'm no expert but just a school student.
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    I do know the basics but not aware of the details.
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    Hi BoP.

    Long story short, no. It's not true. Have a read through this thread:
    for more concise, easier to read and to the point comments look here:

    For primers on Big Bang read through the following resources:
    http://preposterousuniverse.com/writings/cosmologyprimer/index.html [Broken]

    For future reference, try and cite the source of statements that you've read about. It makes it easier to evaluate the validity of the source and decide whether it warrants further discussion at all. Similarly, it's good to say what is your level of prior knowledge on the subject - what have you read so far etc, so that we don't end up restating things you already know or talking over your head.

    Cool name by the way.
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    thanks Bandersnatch
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