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The Big Bang

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    According to the red-shift every thing in the everything in the universe is move further and further way… so, what was the big bang? And if gravity wont pulls everything back to the centre of the universe there cannot be another big bang, one again, what the hell was the big band, the universe was made from nothing? Or was it made from something? It can’t have been matter because the red-shift proves that the universe will never go back to the centre to make a new big bang.
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    The red shift means that galaxies are receding from us. But that does not mean that the universe will recede forever. That knowledge is dependent on the amount of matter/energy in the universe, as well as the expansion of spacetime. In other words, there are many other variables involved. All of the variables together build up to the theory called the big bang.

    As to the origin of the big bang itself, no one is really sure at this point. Speculation is that it did appear out of nowhere. It is not very likely we will get a lot of hard facts to settle the question - unless perhaps we see another big bang.
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    Well, if everything is moving apart, then a long time ago, everything must have been much closer together. The point where the expansion can be traced back to nothing is the Big Bang. As for what the Big Bang itself was (besides simply the beginning of the expansion), like DrChinese said, that is not so clear.
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    sorry, i forgot to say that the universe is moving fast and fast "The opposite effect of gravity" away from the center
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    i dont want a clear answer, i just want theorys, just something intresting to read
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    Unfortunately what we have are clear answers. For wild and crazy entertainment you'll have to go to some other site.
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    could you please move this to the theory section of the forum then please?
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