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The big base drum

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    Or the ping from a triangle the opposite side of the globe, lost in the
    back ground noise, some things may exist, but remain forever hidden
    to our detectors, if so how could they be of use to us?
    Can energy be dark, can matter hide from us, are we just the puff of
    smoke left over from the big phut?
    I have almost made up my mind, maybe 90% against, 10% for, am i
    living in my own little world?
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    *sighs* another mirror im my face, please leave me in ignorance a bit more
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    They are waiting to be found..........for you to structurally and functionally progress and subsequently see them. But let's pray that while they wait to be subsequently seen or discovered, they are harmless and remain prolongedly so.

    They are not hiding; you are not just visually empowered to see or visualise them in their own forms. The earlier we realise this, the sooner we would prudently act to correct the fundamental visual errors in us. This bad habit of always relying on fixed points, comfort zones and falsely constituted sense of normality is precisely my own concern....and what ought to concern anyone with the unshakeable will or desire to survive.

    It could not be if you posted this thread and expected a response, not unless you were expecting to post it and responding to it yourself. Now, that's the real puzzle!
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