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The big breakfast

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    Once or twice a year i indulge in a big breakfast, this morning i had,

    2 sausages.
    6 rashers of streaky smoked bacon, cooked crispy
    2 slices of black pudding.
    2 rounds of fried bread 1/2 inch thick, i spread it thinly both sides with dripping then grill.
    1 hand full mushrooms.
    2 tomatoes, i halve them and dip in brown sugar, fry
    1 potato cut into 1/2 inch cubes, par boiled, dredged in strong flour and fried.
    1 small tin baked beans.
    2 eggs, the whites partly crispy and yolk runny
    All fried in beef dripping in an oven tin over 2 rings of the hob.
    2 rounds of toast 1/2 inch thick, with salted butter and greengage jam.
    1 mug coffee.
    That should do until about May.
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    I think I'd die if I ate that. I think someone should do a calorie count for fun. Sounds good though, I might do one on Sunday.

    Never heard of doing fried bread your way though, I normally chuck it in the pan with the bacon.
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    The best Thanksgivings are the ones that you make.
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    I can eat alot, and even I think that is a lot of food!

    I wouldn't eat that more than twice a year, for the sake of your heart.:rolleyes:
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    Years back, at the urging of an employee of one of my consulting clients, I dropped in at a breakfast-only restaurant in Paducah, KY. The place was called Skinhead's (the nickname of the big bald ex-Navy cook who owned the joint). The guy had told me to order the Skinhead Special. I did, and I found out that if you ordered the Special, you got at least one of everything on the menu. It was a while back, but as much as I can remember:

    A large, thin pan-fried flank steak
    home-fried potatoes
    fried eggs
    baked beans
    biscuits w/ gravy
    stack of flapjacks
    toast made from Skinhead's baked-daily bread
    endless coffee
    orange juice

    There was more, too. The waitress had to make several trips from the kitchen to the counter in order to deliver it all. The place was open from about 4 am to 11 am daily, and it was packed.

    Darn! I just tried looking up the place on-line, and they closed in 2001.

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    By heck Turbo that is a Desperate Dan meal, did any one ever eat it all?
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    I gave it my best shot, but I think I left some pancakes, French toast, and other starchy stuff. I did fine by the steak, potatoes, beans, eggs, sausage, bacon, etc, and had some of the grits (I do like them). I managed to pack in all the protein-rich stuff, since that would stick with me (no lunch places out at that remote mill I was working at).

    If I recall, the Special was a little over $6. The waitress got a really good tip - she kept "heating up" my black coffee and asking if there was anything I needed. She was smirking a bit when I was cashing up, asking if I wouldn't like to sit back down and have a piece of fresh apple pie... I couldn't have tucked in a grain of rice, I was so full.
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