The Biggest Lie Ever

  1. Greg Bernhardt

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    Speaks for itself…[​IMG]

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  3. Ryan_m_b

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    lol, it's things like this that make me wonder over the legal state of things like EULAs. Which company seriously expects that each customer will read all 60+ pages of an agreement every time they get a new piece of software? I've heard that various microsoft EULA's contained clauses that said they weren't liable if you suffered loss or injury from a faulty product even if they knew it contained a faulty code (which is a giggle for a home PC because how can it cause you damage but not for say a medical computer or something that runs a transport system).

    South park did a parody of this where by not reading the agreements on some apple products a character is legally imprisoned by apple for human experimentation. The episode was also a parody of human centipede....
  4. jedishrfu

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    Kind of like the quote my manager used to say:

    Your silence betokens your acquiescence.

    At the time he said, I had to look up the words just to be safe. :-)
  5. Rossi and the e-cat scam (on-going...). And, perhaps all LENR research.
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