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The Bimolecular Revolution

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    Is the Human Genome project complete? How is the current technology advancing in comparison to the predictions made in Visions
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    It was completed ahead of time.


    The prediction of the year 2005 in Visions was based on projected scales set by the Congressional bill. The project was completed early in 2003.

    Technology in general, I believe, seems to be going in pace with the predictions made in Visions, some of which have come about earlier than predicted, while others which were predicted have yet to come.

    For more predictions for the year 2005, go to
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    I finished reading this book last night. I thought it was very interesting although it is slightly dated now and kind of strays off topic occasionally.

    One thing I found particularly interesting was Kaku's discussion of the composite materials which will eventually replace various components of our space vehicles.

    Isn't this precisely what caused the Columbia explosion in 2003?
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