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The Birds

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    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060918/ap_on_fe_st/brazil_hawk_attacks [Broken]
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    http://6ix4our.com/media/gonzo.jpg [Broken]
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    I was looking out the kitchen window yesterday when a hawk or large owl took off from behind some trees on the left side of the property and flew quickly up into the trees on the right side. By the time I got out there it was gone. I think it may have had a rabbit (of which we have a lot these days).

    It was most likely a red-tailed hawk (plenty in the area) or a great-horned owl. It move so fast I didn't get a good look at the head, but wing movement was more like an owl. I was also trying to see what it was carrying.
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    We have LOTS of hawks around here, so I hope only the Brazilian ones have gone berzerk. They are very large, powerful birds.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    As per Hitchcock: This is just the beginning.
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