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The birth of our Universe

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    Hello Everyone!

    I've been reading a lot of articles about the beginning of the universe, Most of them is about Big Bang Theory.
    Aside from this theory, does Physicist ever considering another explanation of the existence of the Universe?

    Like what really makes the elementary particles of? Etc. .
    Please enlighten me and share your thoughts for this. I would really appreciate any comments about my question.

    P.S. Physics Newbie, learning and love to be educated more.
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    Big bang is the prevailing model of the origin of the universe and I don't know of any alternatives. But the 'bang' in big bang is heavily uncertain. The theory of inflation proposed by Alan Guth and Andrei Linde solves several problems (horizon problem , the flatness problem, etc.) . Then there's the cyclic theory by Paul Steinhardt which is an alternative to inflation. There are other alternatives too , you can look them up.

    P.S : I am still in high school , so you should probably look for an expert answer..
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