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Homework Help: The Block–Spring System Revisited

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    Please help me to solve this verz simple problem :

    Code (Text):
    A 0.500-kg mass attached to a spring with a force constant
    of 8.00 N/m vibrates in simple harmonic motion
    with an amplitude of 10.0 cm. Calculate (a) the maximum
    value of its speed and acceleration, (b) the speed
    and acceleration when the mass is 6.00 cm from the
    equilibrium position, and (c) the time it takes the mass
    to move from to x=0 to x= 8 cm.
    Thanks, Adam
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    First you need to post what you've attempted.

    Try writing down the equation for simple harmonic motion for a spring.
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    I have done point a )

    I need to have time t.

    sin([tex]\omega[/tex]*t) = 0,6

    Which is not correct... I think... Why? I dont know :(
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    Doc Al

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    Recalculate ω. The mass is 0.5, not 5. Be sure to measure the angle in radians, not degrees.
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    Oh yes ;] You are right. Thanks guys :)
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