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The Bologna process

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    The subject came up during chat with a European student.

    I had not heard of it and was surprised that it is not discussed in this forum!


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    No answer here, nor do i know much about accreditation here in the states, except for the obvious similarities to a guild system without much care as to what the right hand is doing or whether the left is actually producing much of value.

    Degrees are so different in the blood, sweat, tears, agony and energy expended but they too often spell the same. What's worse is that the presumption of competence is completely undermined.

    One thing that is personallly irritating is my complicity in the process. I don't personally review the requirements for a 100 vs a 200 course and assume that is being done elsewhere. I worry about course inflation as well as grade inflation. I know I couldn't have earned legitimate college credit for mastering 6'th grade math. And on the opposite side, have meant plenty of MBA's from ivy league schools who have no idea how to compute somthing as simple as compound interest.

    My real fear which may be more paranoid than real is that those with real power to dictate economic policy, either within a bank or for the country as a whole may have the same holes in their understanding, and if they don't, the odds of having a general populace sufficiently knowledgeable to make policy decisions in their own interest are obviously more remote--especially amongst all the political/special interest noise called upon to convert an argument of numbers into a war of words. I sense from your link that this is a concern elsewhere.
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