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The book of nothing

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    i just got the book of nothing and i began reading it.. im only about 10 pages into it but so far it is good! has anyone read it that has opinion on it that they would like to share?
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    It's a good history of how the concept of a complete vacuum has evolved over the past 2 thousand years. This includes sections on how findings of modern physics have shed light on the subject. For example, the theory of general relativity seems deny the possibility of a vacuum existing. But the same theory can consistently describe universes which contain no matter at all. An explanation of how this can be is one example of the topics covered in this book.

    Actually, there is more to the book than that. Several sections also cover the concept of zero, and how it has evolved over the years. Quite honestly, I didn't find this to be of much interest. Someone with a greater interest in the history of mathematics might enjoy those sections more, but I mainly find the sections on vacuums to be the reason to get this book.
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