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The Book

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    "The Book"

    who has read it? anyone think they got It?
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    Err, which one?
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    They renamed the hebrew bible, "The Book"? What for?
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    If you'd said right off "The Book by Alan Watts" it would have spared us the ambiguity.

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    Here's my favorite review on the book. :bugeye: Not my cup of tea.

    The Book got rid of me

    "I read The Book in 1968. Afterwards I took some acid. What happened next can't be explained very well. The I that was me disappeared. What was left was clear and bright. Every face was my face. Every thing was what I was. It was so perfectly obvious. I felt I had awakened and just got clued into this great joke. I was always home and didn't know it. The glasses I was looking for were sitting on my nose! Peek a boo I see you! Nothing was out of place. Smog in the air, flowers blooming on the hill."
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    This is torah?
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    So you mean I need to get the book AND some tabs?
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    has no one read this book?
    this would be a shame, indeed.
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    Sorry, I'm not into fiction books. :grumpy:

    Reminds me that I should finish up my reading of "I want to be a Mathematician" by Halmos. It made me laugh numerous times already.
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