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The brain and dark energy ?

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    The brain and "dark energy"?

    Hello, hopefully I have this question in the right category...

    I was just reading an article about the brain and "dark energy". It was talking about how there's apparently a connection to the human brain and this so-called "dark energy" that makes up about 70% of the universe - the article looked like it was from a reliable science magazine source, by the way.

    Is dark energy even taken seriously by modern-day physicists? And if so, has there been any theories connecting it to human cerebral activity?

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    Re: The brain and "dark energy"?

    This sounds very dubious, especially when "dark energy" is still being studied on and corresponds to the unexplained accelerating expansion of the universe. How that connects to "the brain" is puzzling and smells like a bastardization of a physics observation.

    When you read an article and wish to have us comment on it, it is imperative that you make a full and complete citation to that article so that someone can double check it to verify that (i) it isn't crackpottery (ii) you actually read it correctly and (iii) the article is accurate. If not, there's no way to verify. It is one of the standards that we try to practice here on PF, that you must pay attention to the source and can cite it accurately for others to check.

    If not, we are left with nothing more than your interpretation of what you thought you read. As it is now, it appears to be a rather dubious article based simply on what you've described, and our Guidelines do not allow such discussion.

    Besides, why is this in Quantum Physics forum?

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