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The burning of a deep freezer

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    a twin door deep freezer containing a thermostat,motor fan,compressor,condensor,relay,overload had its whole outer body burnt by some accident.preliminary investigations have concrete revelations that the customer electric board was ok and did not catch fire which overwhelmingly indicates towards an internal fault which did the burning.what possibly could have gone wrong in the control panel which hosts the above mentioned components??what can be the mechanical aspects and the electrical aspects?and oh yes..all the electric tests(insulation,earth continuity,di electric,short cirkit,) etc done by the marthurana machine indicate okay results.still .........a prompt reply needed
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    I have no idea what a marthurana machine is, nor what it tests, but if you're absolutely certain it's not the control board, then I'd guess something to do with the wiring. Frayed / crumbled insulation, or severe pinching / guillotining leading to shorts or arcing. But really, that's just speculation. We can't really tell (without pictures, and even if there were) but I'd try to find out where the fire started (if this is possible).
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    You said 'outer body'. That indicates to me that it was no fault of the freezer itself. Sounds more as if someone was playing with fire where they shouldn't have been. Were there any space heaters, candles, meth-heads, or other external sources of combustion in the area?
    Regardless, I believe that you need to consult a professional fire investigator.
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