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News The Bush Effect

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    Ivan Seeking

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    In what ways has the Bush administration damaged the US image abroad; potentially having made the world a more dangerous place?

    http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/middle_east/july-dec06/turkey_11-27.html [Broken]
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    Moving West from Turkey, I think if you asked people in any city in Europe their thoughts on the US, you'd either get a response of anger or just general disregard.
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    Even in Bosnia, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia?
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    Yeap :)

    There is a lot of resentment towards America nowadays, justified or not.. Its not just because of Bush, its an accumulation of stuff dating back to the Marshal Plan... Our whole ideologies (Europe-USA) are vastly different these days, and day by day it seems we are both going our own way...

    As they say the only way once you reach the top is down
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    To be honest, Bush has become more palatable, since his second term started, and now more so as a lame Duck. Just like Regan... I wouldnt blame Bush for the Image of the USA abroad. I would just look at your track record (war, biases, interfering) for that...
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    Is there a feeling in the US that they are disliked?

    Do the US posters feel some countries like them better than others?
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    I don't know. The Iraq invasion has been severely frowned upon by most Europeans I know, re-enforcing the image of the Big Bully Cowboy Americans that pull their guns and shoot on whatever moves when they are disgruntled.
    But now that we see that the American citizens start to realise that things were not so clear cut as they wanted us to believe, and that maybe they should have listened a bit more to what others told them, I think they become much more sympathetic again. Personally, I think they were in fact victim of a smooth propaganda machine that was hard to fathom from a distance, and they start to come clear of it, which gives me the hope that the American nation will rise out of it, re-inforced (but with a serious problem on their hands in the middle-east...)
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    I think it is generally accepted here in the U.S. that we are just plane dispised. It was true long before Bush came into office, it will be true long after he's gone. Seems like no matter what action our country takes, it's generally agreed to be the wrong action, and we are "interfeering". Except of course for those occassions on which we take no action, and are condemned for our failure to act.

    That just seems to be the way the world is today.
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    If somebody turns on the AC during a crowded wedding reception, there will be at least a few people who disapprove. The same concept applies to a crowded planet.

    Just look at Darfur:
    -decisive military intervention would be criticized (for one, there is oil in southern Darfur)
    -indifference would be criticized (perceived selfishness)
    -something in between would also be criticized (it would be 'too much' to some groups and 'too little' to others)

    It is unfortunate that even if US troops entered Darfur with a clear plan and mandate, there would be people screaming 'no blood for oil' the moment the first boot hit the ground.
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    the bush administration has had many opportunities (like every other administration in a country with as much global influence) to make tremendous change in the world. i don't mean change like putting civilization on mars, but i mean change like bringing the ME closer to peace, forcing countries like china to pay attention to human rights, and generally demonstrating that having a foreign policy of humanitarianism can support a powerful nation. however, this administration has used its to pursue goals much different then these.

    the USA, under the leadership of the bush administration actually discourages support for the international criminal court (this court prosecutes individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity and crimes of aggression), denies hundreds, perhaps thousands of people protection under the geneva conventions (the prohibition of inhumane treatment of prisoners) and has invaded iraq on poor, faulty and fabricated information (seemingly without remorse or regret). one thing that bothers me greatly about this is the efficiency the bush administration handles information with the effect of softening the citizens of the usa's moral objections to these actions, to the point where many believe these actions are actually beneficial to world peace

    i know there are many americans on this forum who would strongly disagree with the above, but im just saying that its vary easy to see the usa's foreign policy in a vary poor humanitarian light from the point of view from someone who isn't an american
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I'm not sure by whom now, but the point has been made by at least one talking head that moderates are fleeing Iraq in large numbers - the very people needed if there is any hope of saving the country. Additionally, the report above describes the current situation as a refugee crisis.
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    Thursday, 30 November 2006
    http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/11/30/bush.trip.ap/index.html [Broken]
    The Five Fatal Mistakes of Bush's Mideast Policy
    I guess the question is - how bad is it? Only time will tell. If Iraq can be stabilized, it still may take decades for the anger to dissipate - IF being a major factor. In the meantime - what about al Qaida and similar groups?
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