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The calculus

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    Inorder to start with calculus ,which topics in mathematics are required and are there any books for beginners to learn calculus?
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    You will need a good knowledge of basic algebra, geometry and trigonometry. You will find a collection of everything you need to know in the book "Basic Mathematics" by Lang.
    There are many books on calculus. My favorite one is the free book by Keisler, which takes the historic approach using infinitesimals. This is nonstandard nowadays, but the standard approach is covered too. https://www.math.wisc.edu/~keisler/calc.html
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    The most minimalist minimum to be able to study Calculus, or start studying Calculus is Intermediate Algebra and Trigonometry. Learning more than just the minimum will improve your ability to handle learning Calculus, so you really should include Geometry and College Algebra, or additionally a Pre-Calculus course. A student who has the prerequisite knowledge can begin using any typical good undergraduate college textbook on first-year Calculus.
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