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The Cardiac Cycle of the heart

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    Hey guys, can someone make things clear for me?

    Does the heart goes atrial systole followed by ventricle systole then followed by both the atrial and ventricle diastole (at once)

    or atrial systole, ventricle systole (at the same time atrial diastole) then only ventricle systole?
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    Atrial systole than ventricular systole followed by complete cardiac diastole.
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    Thanks, by complete cardiac diastole it means both atrial and ventricular diastole happens together right?
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    Partly, yes. The atria need to contract (systole) to fill the relaxed ventricles (diastole), then the filled ventricles contract (systole) to pump blood through the body, while the atria begin to fill (diastole). Then there is a short time when both are relaxed (complete cardiac diastole) before the atria contract again.
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