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The Cause of Global Warming

  1. Dec 28, 2005 #1
    Finally, we now know the cause of global warming

    http://www.nunatsiaq.com/news/nunavut/51223_10.html [Broken]

    Here is Simeonie Aqpik describing the shift in the weather, and why the Inuit knew the climate would change. Most of what tells is exactly what the AGW scaremongers love to hear, but wait, he also knows the reason why:

    There you go, and we were all thinking that it was the greenhouse gasses. So what does this say about the hype, anecdotal evidence, affirming the consequent fallacy etc, etc,
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    If the direction the sun rose in were changing so significantly, wouldn't there be noticable changes at the equinoxes & solitices viewed from stone circles such as stonehenge, and other more definte mesaurements to back this up?
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    :uhh: Perhaps don't tell NASA, they would get quite upset if the sun would show up even a few arc seconds off.
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    You missed the true problem here! Mr. Aqpik now wears warmer clothing than he did a long time ago. Ergo, warmer clothing causes global warming! ;)
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    Ivan Seeking

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    "There you go"? Are you seriously suggesting that not only is this scientific evidence, but that it also ends the debate?
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    What do you call this entire story if not anecdotal evidence?
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    Obviously my lessons in irony have not worked a bit. So there must be :biggrin: :wink: :bugeye: first to recognise what's going on.

    I feel it a bit humiliating having to add the obvious: see how anectdotal evidence, selective memory and fantasy of an old man creates a story about warming, which is even taken seriously enough to publish as apparant evidence of global warming. As this seems to be cherished by the scaremongers, that they don't even mind those obvious blatant errors. :surprised
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