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The Cause Of Spin Motion

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    Can any one here explain me as to what causes the spin of a billiard ball and is this 'spin of a ball', in any way, related to the spin of the 'celestial balls'?
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    First post doesn't have a chance... The answer is angular momentum. The cue ball strikes the rack [other balls]. It transfers kinetic energy to the other balls, but, not with 100% efficiency. The only way it can conserve the unspent energy is to spin. The same principle applies to celestial bodies.
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    According to Dr Cox, the spinning of hurricane is from the different velocities of air on the ball Earth, and same may be true of Astrophysics. I see no connection to spin on ball but maybe it should also be explored.

    They noticed when shooting large cannons on ships, when shooting East and West they would hit there target. But when shooting North and South they would miss.

    Now let’s say we are at equator. The Earth is about 24,000 miles around (really 25,000) and with 24 hours in a day, the Earth at equator is traveling about 1000 miles an hour at equator. Now as you travel North from equator the Earth is traveling slower. So if were at equator and shoot North the extra velocity at equator would make you miss your target.
    As air moving from equator moving North will have tendency to spin in a certain direction and the opposite direction if it head to South because of it’s initial velocity.
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    Let me make my point more clear.......

    Using a cue any player can produce two types (a plain 'spin less and 'spin stroke' ) while making a shot....but what he requires is to set the cue ball into any one of these two types of motion in the REQUIRED LINE to make the object ball getting pocketed.

    It's exactly here,while hitting the ball,his mind requires to get into action and completes a 'specific routine'(the concerned mental process).If he hits without the mental routine (common to all types of shots) the cue ball NEVER takes the intended path !!! This 'routine ' completion takes place without his actual knowledge.Just ,he learns through practice,to get USED to hit the ball exactly when the mind has completed the routine...he does it just by FEEL....

    Now...my discovery is that what exactly this mental process (the routine) is and how it works.Is it not an exploration of the miracles or the secrets of mind to which even modern science has no access yet?I mean my discovery trasforms a 'thing of feel' into a 'thing of concrete knowledge' Isn't it a miracle? !!!

    Also....Physical part of aiming is just limited to searching for the aim point (actually a player never gets it,while sroking...he pretends to be concentrating on it for the fear of miss) or trying to get a vague 'un seeable' line of aim...etc.But what plays the entire role is totally MENTAL.....

    A player HAS to stroke(hitting of cb) only AS AND WHEN a particular 'routine' is completed mentally !!!! Of course different players apply it (the same routine) in different ways...yes,there are different modes of applying it and most probably this must be the reason why we have different styles of stroking like fast,slow,care free etc...

    And WITHOUT this mental routine completion it's simply IMPOSSIBLE (for any human being..even for a champion of the game) to send the ball in the intended line !!!!It's like getting oil from sand !!!(provable)...

    Also....after some acuaintance of this 'true knowledge of the stroke',we actually need not worry about the aim point or line of aim....mind does it...(getting the line and completing the routine),in just fraction of a second,independent ot of our willing ness...whenever you get to deliver your stroke !!!!!!!!(any body..even a ten year old,can be taught or made to grasp it)

    Even more,contrary to our mechanical conceptions like conc. on aim point,(focus) visually... etc...,we CAN execute the shot( with equal success)with our eyes CLOSED too...depending only on the 'mental routine' !!!!(provable)

    As for the type of shot,the same 'mental routine' works...to be applied in the forward direction (for spin less stroke) and in the back ward direction (for spin stroke)['why back ward' can be explained ...]

    Hope I made the whole thing clear.
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