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The Celebrity 100

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    Have you all seen this? Some of the things on here shock me. Tiger Woods made 80 million from endorsements this past year! David Letterman has raked in 40 million, what in the hell does he do? John Madden?! Yes Madden, made more than a large number of football players made last year. Clinton is said to be paid $125k / speech in the US and as much as 250k / speech abroad!
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    Come on they have worked hard to be paid like that.
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    :rofl: that's a good one :rofl:
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    So people a paid inversely proportional to the social value of their work. That's why engineers and scientists make paltry sums of many, and celebrities make millions. Or so it seems. :rolleyes:

    I would still rather be an engineer/scientist. :biggrin:
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