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The Center of Existence

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    So, the earth is not the Center of Existence huh? How so?

    If the Universe is endless, then we must be in its center. In fact we always will be. Why? Because that's what existence is all about, being in the center of who we are ... If you told the bug under the rock that his little domain wasn't the center of the universe, do you think he'd get it? How could he? Else he'd have to concern himself with some other bug under some other rock in some other galaxy far far away, let alone the bug under a rock just two feet away! And do you think that would wash over? ;)

    So, is it wrong to believe the earth is the center of the Universe then? Afterall, everything operates from within its center doesn't it? In fact if we understood this, we might understand that the Holy Land of all our mythologies is not someplace out there but, within us. :smile:
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    The universe is not necessarily endless, and if it were, the phenomena that would result (infinitely many copies of you, for example) would destroy any simple reasoning. "A sphere with surface nowhere and center everywhere" is not a mathematical statement but an ill-defined mystical one.
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    Time and space comes together in the here and now. And no matter where you go, you're there. :wink:
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    I don't know about you; but, I'm always here. Everytime I go somewhere, no matter where I go, I am always here. You, on the other hand are always there. From your aspect, of course, no matter where I go I am always there, proving once again that everything is relative.

    We all individually and collectively are always right here in the center, the center of our being and thus the universe, no matter where our bodies or or thoughts may be.
    So here I am and there you are. :wink:
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    The vision of Black Elk

    Excerpt from Joseph Campbell's, The Power of Myth ...

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    If we're all in our center, and the center is everywhere, that's another way of saying God embraces everything, right? :wink:
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    Yep! And God is everything and everything is God.
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    That was so cute!!! :cool:
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    God is everything, huh? Wouldn't that make the term "god" completely superfluous? Can we then discard the concept entirely?
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    God is singularity itself. :wink:
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