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The chance for cancer?

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    has any of you thought what is the chance of getting cancer when you constantly work with hazardious components like EtBr in the gentechnology field? :confused: well, it is a little scary that the chance of dying of cancer would be more increased for people in this field. even if we are careful when working with these stuffs, but there is no guarantee for that. so so so... :surprised
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    my question is did cancer come about once the industrial age was in full force? being that our bodies are constantly submitted to synthetic and artificial chemicals everyday, i would think that definitely raises our chances. for example, i once read that deodarants and oral contraceptives from the 70's (real high dosages of estrogen) were contributed directly to the spike in breast cancer in women.
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    well, it seems like the incident of cancer increased with time, maybe you are right about that...

    but again when i work with EtBr etc then sometimes i forget being careful so i usually touch the gel :grumpy: maybe i also will end up with one of these cancers :yuck: poor me!
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    I've heard it said that the increase in cancer was just due to the population surviving to greater ages. Cancer is very much a disease of old age, except in a genetically threatened minority. Old people in old times certainly did die of cancer, but something else usually got them first.
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